About Stephen Overton

Stephen Overton is a tireless defender of the rights of both humans and animals. He works with numerous institutions in the Tampa area to ensure that children get the opportunities and love they need to grow and prosper. He also donates to organizations which strive to help animals who suffer mistreatment or neglect receive the respect, care, and “forever homes” that they deserve.

Stephen cares about providing medical resources and support to children and their families who may be unable to afford or find them on their own. He donates to organizations which provide parents with a place to sleep, shower, and eat while staying close to their children who are staying in area hospitals. He also donates to organizations which help children and their families build their futures by providing them with everything from legal aid to financial planning and tutoring for children.

Stephen also understands the importance of activities in children’s lives; keeping them active, interested, and focused can make a huge difference and possibly even inspire their future career paths. So he donates to a number of nonprofits which provide children with various hobby choices and the opportunity to learn, play, and get to know their neighbors. Some actually combines his passions for helping children and animals by providing stables and petting farm for disadvantaged kids to visit.

Stephen first realized he was interested in animal-focused nonprofits when he heard about open admission shelters, more crudely known as “kill shelters,” which often end up euthanizing animals out of lack of space, health concerns, or a variety of other reasons. Stephen decided to do his part and join organizations that either act as permanent homes or provide the rescue and rehabilitation that pets need to eventually find owners. He knew that sometimes, improving the management of animals simply depends on the amount of available funding.

Some of Stephen’s favorite nonprofits simply act as permanent “safe places” for dogs, and he donates to them to ensure that they are properly equipped to take care of dogs through their entire lifetimes. He knows that logically not every animal can or will be placed in an individual home, so he places a lot of importance on the quality of long-term shelters.

Outside of the typical cats and dogs, Stephen contributes to nonprofit organizations which focus on animals who generally get less attention from the public. For instance, he donates to organizations which work to find “forever homes” for various birds, and has donated to various events which raise awareness of the large amount of parrots in Florida who need rescue and/or full-time owners. Stephen also donates to equine nonprofits, which focus on rescuing and sometimes rehoming horses which have gone unwanted or neglected.